E-WIN skill acquisition program June 9, 2023

“Do you want to improve your digital skills and get ahead?

Equity Watch Initiative in Collaboration with IG Wikimedians User Group


Invite you to the highly anticipated digital skills sensitization program for Young People tomorrow 10th June 2023!


This program will provide you with the latest information and techniques on how you can improve your digital skills and master the art of online communication , information access and socio-economic development

Whether you’re an entrepreneurer,


looking to expand your online presence or a student looking to advance your career in the digital world, or a staff, wishing for carrier progression, this program is for you and it’s tailored to meet your needs and take your digital skills to the next level.


Our expert Speakers and instructors will provide hands-on practices, giving you the essential knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s digital world.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain valuable skills and unleash your potentials.

Take the first step towards a bright digital future with E-WIN tomorrow!


Mark it on your calendar and spread the news.


See you there

E-win digital skills acquisition training program. June 9, 2023