World Menstrual Day, 2021

Equity Watch Initiative in commemoration of World’s Menstrual Day 2021 organized a one day awareness campaign for teenage girls on Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene

The theme of the event was “Let’s Talk the Talk: Engaging Teenage girls on Menstrual Hygiene”.


Furthermore there was a seminar for Second year undergraduate students of Sociology & Anthropology Department, University of Nigeria with the theme “Normalizing the conversation: Menstruation is not a taboo” on May 28, 2021.  #MenstruationMatters, #MHD2021



The campaign involved explanation on menstruation and menstrual issues, including challenges that women and girls face in managing their periods, consequences of improper menstrual hygiene, menstrual stigma and how to deal with it, menstrual practices that reinforces gender inequality, menstrual hygiene management (MHM), including tips on what we can do to maintain menstrual hygiene and the benefits of a period-shame free society?


The event also featured a radio program at Radio Nigeria Voice Fm 96.7 Stereo,  Nsukka under the theme “Let’s break the silence: Menstruation is not a taboo”

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